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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  February 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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wind has picked up obviously and snowfall is steady there. >> really coming down. here's a live look at philadelphia. no snow here yet, but the flakes are on the way. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley with the forecast. >> along the shore we'll see the heaviest amounts. the jersey shore and southern maryland. look at cape may. it is a steady snow there, just enough to cover the streets. not a big accumulation just yet. not expecting a big accumulation but parts of the shore could see two to four inches of snow this morning. just this morning. we'll see the heavier amounts in southern delaware and coastal new jersey. then this afternoon, we'll be drying out. but this morning, expect hazardous travel as the snow making for slippery conditions. as jillian mele has been reporting. there you can see the radar shows the steady snow streaming into cape may, southern delaware
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and most of delaware right now is seeing very light snow. and even farther to the west in chester, southern chester and lancaster county could see a dusting in those areas. temperatures now down. it's 28 in philadelphia with the snow starting in the area. trying to start, it's going to be falling, the temperature, that is. 29 degrees at 7 cl:00. light know at 9:00. tapering off or ending by lunchtime with a temperature of 27 degrees. we'll go through it hour by hour with future weather when i'm back in ten. show you exactly what to expect in your neighborhood. right now let's check in with jillian to see how the roads are holding up. >> good morning, bill. depends where you are what you're going to see. deldot has this camera focused on the road conditions. this is a live look at route 1 just outside of rehoboth beach. you can clearly see the tire tracks. definitely slippery in portions of southern delaware and south new jersey as bill has been saying. take your time. watch the on and off ramps, your
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side streets, even bridge surfaces can get slippery especially as well. 476, drive times on the blue route looking pretty good. no delays or accidents to report. you can see 15 to 16 minutes is what we're seeing right now between 95 and 76. 95 is clear and 76 is also clear of any delays or accidents. vai? thank you, jillian. true to bill's word we've got snow in the philadelphia region this morning. some of the heaviest could fall down the jersey shore. our matt delucia is live there. about an hour ago i saw those flakes falling. it looks like you've got a little bit more. >> reporter: we are getting a little bit more out here vai. it's been picking up minute by minute in ocean city. we're out here on the boardwalk right now at ninth street and now starting to get a little accumulation out here on the surfaces especially out on the streets as i look out in the distance. you can see out here that it is falling. pretty light at the moment. but, i mean about an hour ago, we were only getting a couple of flakes. but of course as we start to get a little bit more you're seeing that dusting at the
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moment. but as bill's been saying all morning, we are expecting two to four inches in this shore region. i just want to give you a glimpse out here of what we've seen in terms of the accumulation. again, this is very fluffy right now. it's not piling up too much out on the streets. we're not seeing too many cars out here, of course, in ocean city at this time of day, this time of the year. but as you see in cape may, we have that camera for you right now. they are getting a little bit more of accumulation there. the snow started there a little bit earlier than it did up here in ocean city. of course this has been moving up north through delaware and into south jersey. so we're expecting a little bit more up here in ocean city similar to what you're seeing right now in cape may. we'll come back and give you another live look on the boardwalk. very picturesque, very scenic out here right now. of course, you do want to be careful as you head out on the road. just for the sake of it i'm just going to show you with the ruler, it's really not much. maybe just a quarter inch if that, out here right now.
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take it easy if you're heading out on the roads. we're going to keep an eye on any early or closures or delays that are out there in terms of schools over in atlantic county. they have government offices opening a little later at 9:00 just so that the plows can get out there and take care of this with the salting as well. so for now, very snowy here in ocean city. i'm matt delucia. >> thank you, matt. of course, track the snow as it moves through our region with your smartphone or tablet. just download the free weather app. four minutes past 6:00. and sky force 10 is over breaking nos you in cherry hill. fire crews ss are on the scene of what was a garage fire. quickly put out. one person was hurt. fire investigators are now trying to determine what caused the fire. and we are following breaking news. police are investigating multiple deadly shootings overnight in philadelphia. two people died after gunfire in grays ferry. our monique braxton is at police headquarters gathering
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information. monique, what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi, tracy. we were at another homicide scene before we arrived here at police headquarters just moments ago. detectives are now back here inside this building after spending several hours at a double homicide scene in grays ferry. take a look at the video we captured overnight. we were steps away from the scene here at 27th & latona when forensic investigators arrived. police say two men, both 23, were shot and killed. one was shot in the chest and arm. the second man was shot in his head, leg and torso. now, investigators also tell us at the scene, they marked at least nine casings fired from a .9-millimeter weapon. >> we know there's two weapons involved. one left the spent shell casings on the street and the second weapon is the one we found on our 23-year-old victim who was shot in the head. and it's unknown until we examine that revolver. it's ub known whether or not that revolver was fired.
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>> reporter: about 1 1/2 blocks away we were with the forensic unit when they noticed this ford suv running with lights on and no one inside. sources say it's suspicious, but detectives don't know for sure if the suv is connected to the double homicide. police tell us so far this year there have been 40 people killed in philadelphia 44 died at the hands of someone else. this time last year. we're going to be updating the investigation and have more for you coming up in the next half hour. live for now outside police headquarters, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. also breaking police are looking for clues after someone shot and killed a 34-year-old woman. this is north philadelphia. police say 11 shots were fired at the victim as she drove on west westmoreland street. she was hit, passed out, crashed into three parked cars. police do not have a motive or suspect in this case. and a man is expected to be okay after he was grazed in the head
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during a shooting in southwest philadelphia. according to authorities, the victim was getting into his car on guyer street early this morning when two people approached him from behind opened fire. the man drove himself to the police district at 65 65th & woodland and officers took him to the hospital. so far no arrests. and now to a building fire in bucks county. we covered as breaking news last night at 11:00. sky force 10 over the flames at spencer's landscaping at reese and lincoln avenues in homeville. no one there was hurt and no other building had major damage. the fire raged out of control for about an hour. it's out this morning. nbc 10 spoke with the company's leasing agent and he said he knows who starts the fire. >> from what i understand harvey spencer from spencer's landscaping was at the shop grinding something and some sparks flew and then a gas can blew up. and then he just couldn't put it out. >> firefighters told us their biggest challenge was having to deal with frozen fire hydrants. we want to update you on a
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fire that hit cleveland elementary in allentown. the district superintendent now says that the school will be closed for eight weeks for repairs. the classes are canceled again today, and then starting tomorrow buses will take students to two other allentown schools. the fire marshal tells us that it appears an electrical problem sparked a small fire that caused a lot of smoke damage. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds in place. the wind is blowing, and we're waiting for snow to fall in philadelphia. it's certainly cold enough for it. 28 degrees right now. northeasterly winds at 16 will be steady for much of the day. you can see the flag blowing near the studios. no snow just yet, but it is a steady snow in cape may. not a lot of accumulation so far, but this is going to go on for most of the morning at the shore. it's getting an early start. it will finally taper off right around lunchtime, if not a little bit before in cape may. you can see the snow just on the verge of reaching into philadelphia.
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light snow in southern chester county. delaware, south jersey seeing some very light snow and even into the village green area might be seeing the first snowflakes in delaware county right now. the steadier snow in cumberland county, and it's even a bit heavier in portions of eastern maryland. some of this will be streaming into newcastle county over the next hour. steady snowfall this morning for cape may courthouse and cape may. the temperatures coming down this morning. and look at sussex county in delaware. this is where we're going to see the heaviest snow potentially three to six inches for southern delaware. and at 10:00 this morning, snow is still coming down. steadiest, heaviest snow still in delaware and south jersey. we'll see scattered light snow showers over the philadelphia area. but by 11:00, those snow showers taper off by noontime the snow is starting to thin out in new jersey. by 1:00 this afternoon, this one is pretty much done. so stand by for some light snow. even philadelphia could see a dusting in some areas north and
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west. maybe up to half an inch but that's about it. the heavier snowfall delaware and south jersey. the weekend, we've got sunshine for saturday and we'll start with sunshine on sunday. the clouds will be increasing. and late sunday sunday evening, there's a chance that we'll see some snow and some rain. and that won't be the end of it. seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. i know you didn't want to hear that. >> that was kind of a teaser right there. 6:10 this thursday morning. and as bill was just saying there may not be accumulation until places it is snowing because of plowing. so be extra careful. do that it can certainly make the roads slick. >> good morning. slippery conditions. delaware, also portions of south new jersey as well. that's what we're seeing as drivers are heading out the door hitting the roads. you are going to run into snowy conditions and slippery spots. as we put this in motion we're just on that borderline of the light snowfall. and this is a live look at 76
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right at spring garden streets. the roads still here very dry. it's an average start on a lot of the majors around philadelphia. this is the eastbound side of 76 as drivers make their why into center city. so a much different commute for people in philadelphia now versus drivers in southern new jersey and delaware. tracy? 11 minutes past 6:00. a frigid winter day and the actions of an allentown mom have her parenting skills questioned and criminal charges filed. plus this story -- >> panic. scared for yourself but you know you have to get the other person, the p earnerson that went down. >> this morning we hear from the firefighters who your honor ared to save others in this ocean county explosion.
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it's a quarter after 6:00 right now, and we are tracking the snow moving into the area. we can tap into our network of live cameras. this is live at the boardwalk in ocean city at ninth street. the snow has been coming down for more than an hour there. and then take a look at cape may. this is a live picture of cape may where bill henley says they could get two to four inches this morning. and then let's show you what it looks like in philadelphia. a live picture that we usually show of the flag atop the aramark building. can you see the wind. the snow will be moving in the flakes, will be moving in according to bill henley within the next 45 minutes. a hearing is scheduled to happen in harrisburg this morning on the future of a so-called mental anguish law. lawmakers passed the bill after a speech by convicted cop killer abu jamal was played before a college's graduating class last fall. it allows victims of violent crimes to take legal action against offenders whose conduct leads to their mental anguish. jamal is among the plaintiffs
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asking a federal judge to block the law, saying that it violates prisoners' free speech rights. this morning police are trying to figure out who would want to kill a 66-year-old trucking company worker in camden and why. police say tuesday morning they found harry hogan sitting in a chair inside the river road trucking company. he was unconscious and bleeding from his mouth. later died at the hospital and the autopsy revealed he died from blunt force trauma to the head. hogan's coworkers say he was someone they deeply cared for. >> to walk into the drivers room and not to see him or hear him, you know what i mean, it's going to take a minute. it's going to take a minute. >> investigators are interviewing a person of interest. sources tell us that person is someone who knew and worked alongside the victim. this morning the firefighters injured in this devastating house explosion in ocean county are talking about their experience surviving that blast. chris cato joins us live from the studio here with more on what those men call the most frightening moments of their careers. chris? >> vai, we've all seen this
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video of the blast, but you really just can't take your eyes off of it when we get to the portion of the dashcam. it injured more than a dozen people including members of the stafford township fire department. in spite of suffering concussions and temporary hearing loss they continued their rescue efforts. now, last night nbc 10 showed the video of that explosion to the stafford township firefighters. there's the dashcam part there. six of those firefighters were injured, knocked off their feet by the blast, but they got up and went back to help seven injured gas workers including two who were trapped under piles of debris. the firefighters talked with us about the moments following the blast. >> surreal. your body couldn't process it fast enough. >> somebody or something, someone above was looking out for us. >> i got, in my heart, the best fire department there is. >> now, investigators say a crack in a gas main under the street actually caused a leak that led to the explosion in the home. 15 people were injured and a gas
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company worker remains in critical condition this morning. and guys on, we have expanded that dashcam video that everyone's been watching. we have the full audio of it. and on that video, you can hear the audio of those firefighters trying to revive the gas company worker who's now in critical condition. it's really dramatic and you can hear them as they realize that he was breathing and he's alive. it's on, the full audio for you. reporting live in our studio chris cato nbc 10 news. he showed us the video, actually live pictures of what it looks like down the shore. here we haven't gotten snow yet, but it's coming. so it's going to be slippery roads. >> right in time for the morning rush jillian. >> perfect timing, said no one ever. good morning. yeah, it's going to be a rough commute for a lot of people especially in southern delaware and south jersey. this is what it's looking like in lewis right now. route 1 at route 9 at the five points intersection. you can see snow-covered roads. can you also see the tire marks
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from drivers utilizing roads in the area. you do need to take your time because it is going to be really slippery. portions of route 1 covered in snow out there. if you're waking up in dover, we're not seeing it sticking to the ground just yet. as you head up north in delaware, we're not seeing it sticking as it is here in southern delaware. 76 looking good right now. drive times average between the blue route and the vine as you can see, about 12 to 14 minutes. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a snowy morning. we're tracking snow moving into the area as jillian showed you, delaware, south jersey seeing the snow. and that's where the heaviest snowfall is going to be during the day today. really during the morning because this afternoon, we're going to be drying out. and the temperatures will come up a little bit. but not a big warm-up today. it's cold in ailllenallentown. could see scattered showers in northeast philadelphia. light snow will develop this morning. but it's already falling in atlantic city and look at cape may. it's looking a bit snowier as the skies start to brighten. we'll get close to the sunrise.
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this will continue through the morning. coming up from the south, this is the storm that the deep south, atlanta, was bracing for yesterday. # for us for us it's just all snow. the snow now in newcastle county and across south jersey this morning. and light snow is starting to develop north and west. may not be the reaching ground. in southern delaware that's where we're seeing the heaviest snowfall right now. that's going to be the case through the morning. but just this morning. here's the tail end of it. you can see that's on the move. we'll see the snow end as quickly as it start. north and west an inch or less. two to four inches for a big chunk of south jersey including wildwood and ocean city. in delaware, dover and southern kent county northern sussex county are in that two to four-inch range. but farther to the south rehoboth beach, bethany beach, georgetown looking at three to six inches of snow. not everybody will see the snow
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but there's a chance of some scattered snow showers in the poconos. allentown, quakertown and reading, no more than a dusting. doylestown northeast philadelphia, mount holly will see a little bit of snow this morning, out of here this afternoon. the steadiest heaviest snow for the shore, cape may, 31. dover, you'll have shoveling to do early this morning and later this afternoon. and westchester will top out at 37. 30 for glassboro this afternoon. seven-day forecast going to be cold tomorrow morning. 17. might see a brief snow shower on friday. but saturday brilliant sunshine. the clouds increase though sunday. and by sunday evening, we could see a wintry mix that will continue into monday morning. 43, though, monday afternoon. then later on tuesday, another round of wet weather. snow and rain moving in. then a rainy day wednesday. >> all right, bill. it's 21 minutes past 6:00. happening today, top honors for my longtime colleague and friend vai sikahema.
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later today city council will pay tribute to vai and other outstanding citizens. they are now calling you philadelphia living legend. >> wow. >> a council resolution points to vai's work as a journalist. of course he's made us all proud with wednesday ace child's child and before that this eagles gig. very proud of you. congratulation congratulations. >> i'm deeply humbled and honored. mostly my kids have been saying for years i'm a ledge endgend in my own mind. >> congrats. >> thank you very much. it's never too early to start thinking about summer shore days. >> but sometimes it's too late. >> just ahead, why you may want to book your shore spot right now.
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good morning. i'm jillian mele. we're not seeing any snow in
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chester county. 202 looks clear. but in southern delaware, check it out. this is a live look at route 1 at the inlet bridge. snow covered there and also as we head outside to a live look at cape may, we're seeing snowy conditions in portions of south jersey this morning as well bill. >> accumulations of two to four inches for cape may. even more in southern delaware. it's snowfall that will be falling through this morning in cape may. we're still waiting for snowflakes in philadelphia however. it's 28 degrees at 6:26. the jersey shore is getting lots of snow right now. that's where nbc 10's matt delucia is located this morning. hey, matt. >> reporter: hey, vai. yeah for now it's pretty much a dusting out here along the ocean city boardwalk. i'll go ahead and show you here. it's very easy to brush off. but we are expecting a little bit more accumulation throughout the morning. we'll be back with another update and what's being done right now to keep the roads save for you. that's next.
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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. >> it is going to be a snowy commute for some people in our area. like people in ocean city. here's a live picture from the boardwalk there. depending on what time you leave the house and where you live, you'll have some shoveling to do. >> and while in philadelphia, we are still waiting for the snow. the sun's coming up here. sunrise in about ten minutes. and bill says the snow should start falling just before 7:00. good morning and welcome. i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's find out more with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> very light snow in philadelphia, but we're seeing steady accumulating snow in delaware and south jersey. hardest hit, southern delaware. but cape may getting its share, too. look at that snowy scene this morning. that's a live view from the lafayette hotel. for this morning, the snow accumulating during the morning hours. the heaviest hit, delaware and
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south jersey. farther inland lighter or no snowfall so far. hazardous travel this morning will be improving this afternoon. once some shoveling happens. right now it's cape may that's seeing the steady snowfall and southern delaware too. it's a bit heavier there. and snow has extended across delaware and into south jersey. look at some of the western pennsylvania suburbs. philadelphia you can see chester county and lancaster county seeing very light snowfall as well. and it's starting to move over south philadelphia. but those first snowflakes usually don't reach the ground right away. but that will be changing shortly. so stand by to see some snowflakes in the city. the temperature has already come down. it's 28 degrees in philadelphia. 30 in wilmington. and atlantic city with some light snow is at 30 degrees. a breeze blowing here at the studios. that will continue through the snow period this morning. a few light snowflakes at 7:00. by 9:00, we'll see a dusting in the philadelphia area.
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and the snow is quickly coming to an end at noontime today. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future weather when i'm back in ten. but right now, first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is watching the snow pile up in delaware and south jersey. morning. >> good morning to you, bill. it depends on where you're waking up where you're traveling, what you'll see this morning. this is a live look in southern delaware. route 1 at route 24. near rehoboth beach. you can see snow-covered roads. drivers have to take their time and use caution because you are going to see slippery conditions waking up near any of the delaware beach towns. this is a live look a little bit north just south of dover. this is route 1 at state route 9. you can see the roads look damp. that's because we are seeing that light snowfall. it's not sticking as much as it is in southern portions of delaware but you can still expect to see slippery spots there. finally near the delaware/pennsylvania state line, this is a live look at 95 and 495. right at that northern split. the roots here sroads here are looking good. no major accidents or delays.
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we continue with another live look. our network of cameras giving us a look at the conditions over center city philadelphia. snow as you've seen is falling around the region this morning. bill henley says it will start in philadelphia just a few flakes. so by the end, philadelphia will just get a dusting, but the jersey shore is in for a lot more. our matt delucia is live in ocean city where he has been experiencing it firsthand. matt? >> reporter: tracy, when we got down here about 4:00 there wasn't any snow. the snow started to fall around 5:00. and now you can barely see any of the boards underneath the boardwalk here. it's a complete layer of white out here on the boardwalk and out on the beach. but what we can show you out here is that the accumulation it has been picking up ever so slightly out here as the snow has fallen. i mean it's really been falling steadily in the past 90 minutes. we'll go ahead and pull out the ruler here. about a quarter inch at this point as i measure it on the bench. and so we're expecting a little bit more throughout the morning hours.
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but just about 30 minutes ago, i drew out here on the boardwalk a 6:00 a.m. now you can barely see it because of that accumulation. it has been falling and really sticking as that temperature has fallen throughout the morning. but i just want to give you one quick look out here on ninth street up here on the boardwalk. and you can really see the difference between the treated streets and untreated streets. where you see all of that coating out here clearly it has not been treated. but out there on ninth street can you see the cars are moving. and it is very passable at the moment. i have learned that the atlantic city expressway is under salting operations right now, but do be careful as you're heading out. it's a very light, fluffy snow but of course it is a little bit slick out here. on the boardwalk, matt delucia. >> thanks, matt. you can track the snow as it moves into your neighborhood with your smartphone or tablet. just download the free nbc 10 weather app. we're following breaking news for you this morning.
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police investigating multiple deadly shootings overnight in philadelphia. two people died after gunfire in grays ferry. our monique braxton is at police headquarters gathering new information. monique, bring us up to speed on this. >> reporter: hi, tracy. just moments ago i did speak with police and they tell us the hunt for a gunman as well as a suspect as well as a motive is under way at this point. now, detectives have returned here to the third floor where their headquarters are to comb over evidence. we were steps away from the scene, though at 27th & latona when forensic investigators arrived. police say two men, both 23 were fatally shot. one was hit in the head, chest and arms. he had a revolver in his pocket. when he arrived at the hospital. the second man was shot multiple times in the leg and torso. sources say a .9-millimeter semiautomatic weapon was used. >> we know that the gun found on one of the victims is a revolver. we know that a semiautomatic
6:36 am
weapon was used because we found nine spent shell casings. >> reporter: now, about 1 1/2 blocks away we were with the forensic unit when they noticed the ford suv running with lights on and no one inside. sources say it's suspicious but detectives don't know if the suv is connected to the double homicide. they're still investigating that. they're running a check on the license plate, also trying to match up with the name of both of those men who were found dead. we're going to continue to stay in touch with police follow this investigation and have details for you as we get them coming up in the next half hour. live for now outside police headquarters, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. also happening today, a man accused of trying to rape a woman at a center city septa station will appear in court for a preliminary hearing.
6:37 am
it happened earlier this month. police say the woman asked green for directions and he dragged her to a secluded area, beat her, robbed her and tried to sexually assault her. an allentown woman faces serious charges after police say she left her 1-year-old daughter alone in a cold car. rodriguez closed the door when nbc 10's george spencer tried to talk with her last night. police say she told them that she left her daughter sleeping in the car while she took her son to get a haircut at the other end of the block. now, police say the baby was alone for up to 45 minutes in 20-degree weather. talking through the family's closed front door, rodriguez's father defended her but admitted she made a mistake. >> you acknowledge it was stupid? >> yes. she should be charged with stupidity. >> rodriguez is charged with child endangerment. her father has official custody of the children for the time being. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> cold enough for snow and
6:38 am
we've got it this morning. in cape may, the visibility has come down and snow is continuing to accumulate. we're going to see that snow through the morning at the shore. we're already seeing it in much of delaware and south jersey. matt delucia mentioned at 5:00 this morning, it was just starting. in fact, there you can see it. it was still visible. this was the view just before 5:00 in cape may. but now it's completely covered beach avenue and still coming down. that snow will be steady this morning. we're waiting for snowflakes in south philadelphia. you can see the camera shaking. that's the wind blowing. the wind will be with us all day. but the chance of some snowflakes very light snowflakes will be here only in philadelphia. you can see they're starting to move into south philadelphia, already falling in delaware and south jersey and some light snow very light snow for areas to the west lancaster, chester, burks county could see a few snowflakes. but the steadier accumulating snowfall will be in delaware and
6:39 am
south jersey where we're already seeing some heavier snow especially not only in newcastle county, you can see it's starting to come down looking more impressive there. but also in cape may right along coastal new jersey and delaware. southern delaware still expecting to see the heaviest snowfall here. this is where we could see three to six inches of snow from the storm system. for philadelphia though it will be a dusting. and by 10:00 this morning, it will be tapering off. and by lunchtime, you can see the tail end of it pushing through. by early this afternoon it comes to an end at the shore as well. so the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood, 22 degrees for the poconos. a brief snow shower is possible. maybe a few snowflakes for allentown and reading. temperatures into the 20s for most of the day for trenton, northeast philadelphia and mount holly. the steadiest accumulating snow, right along the shore for delaware beaches, rehoboth beach, cape may, atlantic city accumulating through the morning hours, then tapering off this afternoon.
6:40 am
and a light snowfall this morning possible for wilmington chester and philadelphia. not expecting to see more than a dusting. seven-day forecast with a look at your weekend when i'm back in ten. >> we've been showing you the snow in cape may. cape may city school district and west cape may school district all closed. see our updated list on our nbc 10 news app. >> also seeing snowfall on the roads in delaware. jillian? >> that's right. on this map you can see the radar, the blue indicating the snow. wee let's zoom this into new jersey and focus on south jersey especially middle township. you can see that right here. live camera right now, route 9 at route 47 right in middle township. you can see the snowy conditions out there. you can see the tire marks in the snow. so we are dealing with a slippery commute for a lot of people in south jersey and southern delaware. so i'm going to go back and pull up some of our cameras in delaware and take you through them coming up in the next few minutes. vai? isis in the u.s.
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a man was arrested at a new york airport just before boarding a flight to turkey. officials say to join isis fighters there. there's a philadelphia connection. marijuana is legal in the nation's capital, but the drug war is not over yet. next, who wants the d.c. mayor sent to prison for the change.
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it's quarter to 7:00. here's a live look from ben franklin parkway. a little bit shaky because you can see the winds right there with the flags. the flakes should start to fall in the city in the next say, half hour. we're just going to get a dusting in the city. but take a look at a live picture from the boardwalk in ocean city. >> what boardwalk? >> yeah, right? and then let's show you rehoboth beach. from our network of cameras.
6:45 am
meteorologist bill henley says rehoboth beach could get three to six inches before this is done. the snow should move out for most areas before noon. new jersey authorities are revealing new details in their death investigation of the cooper university health systems ceo and his wife. john and joyce sheridan died last september. the state attorney general's office confirmed to nbc 10 that joyce died from a stab wound to her chest. investigators ruled her death a homicide, but they're still looking into the cause and manner of her husband, john's, death. now, firefighters found the sheridans inside the master bedroom of their burning house in somerset county. so far there are no arrests or identified suspects in the case. happening today, the southeast delco school district will hold its first board meeting since two lawsuits were filed saying administers did not protect their kids. it involved former darby elementary schoolteacher paul hoshwender. he's pleading no contest to charges he abused at least nine students. well, the families of two
6:46 am
8-year-old victims say the district did not check hoshwender's background that would have shown similar abuse complaints in his past. recreational marijuana is now legal in washington d.c. adults 21 and over can now use the drug possess up to two ounces and even grow up to six plants in their homes. selling marijuana is still illegal, but leaders in d.c. are considering a bill that would regulate and tax marijuana sales similar to the laws in colorado and washington state. one republican congressman is now threatening the mayor with arrest saying the district is in violation of federal law. and pennsylvania lawmakers behind a medical marijuana bill say they are confident it will soon become a law. state lawmakers met yesterday in harrisburg to discuss the medical cannabis act. state senator leach is a co-sponsor of the bill. he believes it will pass the senate and the house. some lawmakers say they are convinced that it will be a law by this summer. right now pennsylvania is the only state in this area where medical marijuana is not permitted.
6:47 am
it is legal in both new jersey and delaware. happening today, senators could take a vote on a funding bill to keep the department of homeland security running. senate democrats have agreed to a republican bill to fund the agency that does not include measures to block president obama's immigration plan. that puts the senate on track to pass that bill, but what house lawmakers will do with it is uncertain. one of three men charged with plotting to help isis carry out attacks has a tie to philadelphia. fbi agents arrested one of the men at kennedy airport saying he was headed overseas to join isis fighters. yesterday a judge in new york ordered him and a second man arrested in brooklyn to be held without bail. authorities are holding a third suspect in florida. they say he has kiosks in malls in philadelphia and elsewhere. now to boston where a restaurant that was a landmark in the 2013 marathon bombings will be closing its doors for good. the forum bar and restaurant was near where the second bomb went
6:48 am
off and was badly damaged in the bombing. the owner says he's closing on march 1st because of rising rent in the area. just like a lot of kids, a lot of dogs like to romp in the snow. >> right. so why not capture the action with your very own doggy snow cam? i bet you could market that. take a look at this. a guy in alabama strapped a small camera to the back of his dog after several inches of snow fell yesterday. and so we get a really good idea of what a winter wonderland looks like from a pooch's point of view. >> that's hard to beat. let's go to new york now for a look at what's ahead on "today." >> we get a preview from matt and savannah. good morning. >> morning, guys. nice to see you. straight ahead this morning, the alarming trend in the war on terror highlighted by the arrest of those three new york city men accused of trying to support isis. also ahead, a "today" exclusive, robin williams' daughter speaks out in her first interview since his death. this morning what she wants people to remember about her dad and what she's now doing to honor his legacy.
6:49 am
those stories plus rosie perez will talk about her future on "the view" and her new role on broadway. and olivia wilde will join us live. >> it's all when we get started right here on "today." back to you, vai and tracy. >> doesn't the bahamas sound good right about onnow? >> we'll see you guys in ten minutes. >> you got it. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the islands sound great, except fenwick island in delaware has an inch and a half on the ground. selby closing in on an inch. it is going to be snowing most of the morning in delaware and south jersey. tracking snow into pennsylvania as well. the heaviest snowfall will be in delaware and south jersey. and it will be out of here for this afternoon. we'll be drying out. but by then, the snow will be on the ground. snow snowfalling right now in
6:50 am
wilmington. 28 degrees. trenton is waiting with clouds and 25. certainly cold enough. the poconos could see light snow there. right now the snowiest scene is this. this is a live view from cape may from the marquee to lafayette hotel. still waiting to see snowflakes in south philly. right now it is pushing into south philadelphia. it is steady, though, in delaware and south jersey just as expected. this is where we're going to see the heaviest snowfall. right now that steady snowfall is starting to lighten up a little bit in southern delaware. but there's still a lot more storms to go. but that's the tail end. and that's on the move. so it started quickly. it's also going to end quickly early this afternoon. one of the ways you can tell how heavy the snow is by looking at the visibility. snow reduces visibility. and it's down under a mile for georgetown and atlantic city has visibility under a mile. but you can see excellent visibility for mount holly, and it's a lighter snowfall at
6:51 am
five-mile visibility right now in wilmington. but the snow that will continue this morning. two to four inches in south jersey. closer to the shore. and look at sussex county in delaware, three to six inches expected. the farther inland you go the less snow you'll see. for example, philadelphia will just get some light snow. expecting to see a dusting. then cloudy skies this afternoon. and through the day, the temperatures are going to be holding pretty steady in the upper 20s and low 30s this afternoon. colder tomorrow morning, though. it will drop down to the teens to start with. 28, the afternoon high. could see a brief snow shower on friday, but not on saturday. dry, sunny. and frigid in the morning! but afternoon, that will be nice. >> yeah. >> 30 degrees. and sunday will be nice until we get into the evening when clouds will be increasing and we could see some showers moving in that will continue into monday morning. then later on tuesday, another system coming in that will be a steady rain wednesday.
6:52 am
6:51. you know what deserves applause jillian mele drivers to drive slower and be careful. >> what are you seeing? >> bill mentioned fenwick island receiving 1 1/2 inches of snow. this is what it's looking like. this is a very snowy commute for drivers in southern delaware. that's a live look at fenwick island. as we head north in delaware situations are changing by the minute out there. we are seeing a lot of snow right near rehoboth this morning. especially near dover. that's where we're just starting to see that snow stick to the surfaces. it looks like my cameras are not changing for me right now. as you head north, we're not seeing snow sticking. and drivers in philadelphia still dealing with a pretty dry commute. we are seeing a lot of the normal volume. especially 76 west near city avenue. 76 east near montgomery drive and 95 southbound into center city. vai? if you're thinking about summer in this frigid weather, and many of you are, well you're not alone. vacation rentals appear to be booming down the jersey shore.
6:53 am
you're looking at some of the properties for rent or sale on long beach island in ocean county. we asked a rental agent about how hot the market is right now. steve moran told us if you want a vacation spot for all or part of the summer, you'd better be fast. >> i think we're out of the sandy slump. last year in july people were still leery. we august, we were having a banner august year. and a lot of our people are repeats this year. they're coming back. a lot of people are sort of disappointed because they've lost their favorite house, but the people have rebuilt and there's new choices. >> here's a tip from steve. if you rent in september after labor day, you can get a place for up to half of what it would cost you during the busy season. by the way, we're scrolling through closings and delays at the bottom of your screen. and we're tracking the snow for you this morning. the jersey shore is where the largest amounts of snow are expected to hit. that's where we see nbc 10's matt delucia. matt? >> reporter: vai we do have some of the school closings already under way here in cape
6:54 am
may county. real quickly here we've got about a half an inch of snow right now on the ocean city boardwalk. we'll be back right after the break with an update.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
i'm matt delucia live in ocean city where the snow has been falling for a couple hours now, since about 5:00 this morning. we'll go ahead and show you just how much snow we've had out here. it's been about a half an inch along the boardwalk here. we're on ninth street. and you can see that the snow is picking up. it has been to are a while now. about 20 minutes ago, at 6:30
6:58 am
here i drew on this trash can, you can see how much accumulation has happened in that amount of time. real quickly on the street can you see some of the treated surfaces and difference between that and the untreated surfaces. salting operations are under way right now. so be careful if you're heading out on the roadways. there are some school closings here in cape may county. that is the late he here live on the boardwalk in ocean city. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. and i'm monique braxton live outside police headquarters. we've been following the investigation into a double homicide. detectives are up on the third floor combing over evidence and a motive in the murders. our camera was rolling here at 27th & latona when forensic investigators arrived. police say two men, both 23, were fatally shot. one was hit in the head chest and arm. he had a revolver in his pocket when he arrived at the hospital. the second man was shot multiple times in the leg and torso. sources say just before 2:30 this morning a .9-millimeter semiautomatic weapon was fired
6:59 am
at both men at close range. look what we discovered alongside the forensic unit. around the corner from the murder scene, this ford suv was running with lights on and no one inside. sources say it is suspicious. we're continuing to follow this investigation as well as the hunt for the gunman. live outside police headquarters monique braxton, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a snowy scene in south jersey. we're waiting for south philadelphia to get some snowflakes. the camera's shaking and it looks like the visibility is starting to get a little worse. i don't think it's going to be long before we see snow. but it's not going to be the kind that cape may is seeing. that's some steadier more moderate snowfall that extends through most of delaware and south jersey farther north and west, a few snowflakes, maybe a dusting from philadelphia to chester county. even lancaster and burks county it's a possible. you see a close-up of the radar shows that snow just moving into south philadelphia now.
7:00 am
all right. thank you very much bill. "today" hoe is up next. we'll have local updates in 25 minutes. >> get updates and check school closings on the nbc 10 news app. thanks for watching . good morning. breaking news jihadi john the man seen carrying out brutal beheadings in those isis videos has been identified. a college educated british national from a well-to-do family. while here at home, a home-grown threat men arrested accused of fighting alongside the terror group. states of mortgages, another round of heavy snow overnight in places not used to any snow at all. "today" exclusive, robin williams' daughter in her first interview about the tragic death of her father. >> there is no point questioning it there


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